Ethics & Values

Chester LNG is committed to ethical conduct in our business practices. Since the firm's founding, we have always up held a policy to conduct all business in a lawful and ethical manner, and we take pride in how our people conduct themselves with integrity while delivering excellence to our clients around the world. Our approach to ethical behavior and compliance with local laws and regulations has been recognized by our clients and others all over the world. Additionally, Chester LNG is committed to complying with national and international anti-bribery laws.

Over decades of consistent behavior guided by our core values, we have earned a sterling corporate reputation for our commitment to ethics. We make decisions with fairness, honesty and integrity, holding ourselves and our colleagues accountable for high standards of conduct on each job we do throughout the world.

Our Code of Conduct is a useful guide for all our employees and directors worldwide, outlining our collective commitment to our values and beliefs, and helping us exercise ethical decision making and good judgment - even in difficult situations.

    The Chester Values
  • Strive for excellence and to exceed client expectations every day and in every way - The Chester Experience
  • Act with honesty and integrity
  • Leverage the strength of teamwork and communication
  • Recognize the value of our people to create a culture of inclusion
  • Be accountable to the highest standards of ethics, client relations, reliability and social responsibility