Chester 2NG Fueling Station

Two Fuels, One Revolutionary LCNG Station
With the ability to simultaneously dispense LNG and CNG at a single station, Chester 2NG is a one-stop shop for all your natural gas fueling needs. Designed with flexibility and scalability in mind, the modular 2NG Station can accommodate up to 4 LNG and 8 CNG dispensers. Likewise, our standard 15k gallon LNG storage tank system is piped to allow for additional storage capacity if needed. Our patented LCNG technology is currently in use on the U.S. West Coast, fueling 100+ CNG buses per day. Eliminating the need for costly and bulky compressors, the 2NG Station provides a cost-effective method of fueling LNG and/or CNG cars, trucks, buses, and special vehicles with a smaller footprint. Chester LNG is leading the way in LNG and CNG refueling with the production of innovative, flexible systems that are responsive to the natural gas needs of today’s marketplace.