MMSTM LNG PLANT (Patented Process)

This skid-mounted unit requires minimal installation cost and can be fully containerized. Available in a range of production sizes to meet your needs: 10,000 gallons per day (GPD), 15,000 GPD, and 30,000 GPD.


Stackable for Growing Production Needs Depending upon the application and LNG volume required, units can be stacked to provide larger volumes of production (such as in wellhead gas applications).


Peak-Shaving Capability Permits localized peak shaving, balancing demand periods by liquefying gas when demand is low and storing the LNG for later use during high demand.


In-Process Contaminant Removal Contaminants are removed from the gas stream as it is processed through the plant, significantly reducing capital and overall operating costs.


Simplified Compressor-Free Design = Cost Savings The unique design of Chester's MMSTM LNG Plant results in significant operating and maintenance cost savings for our customers. We have minimized the reliance on compressors and simplified the piping and auxiliary equipment in the methane refrigeration process. Using natural gas as the working refrigerant fluid in conjunction with energy captured during the pressure drop, the UltraMini produces a more efficient liquefication process that saves our customers money.


The elegant simplicity of the MMSTM LNG Plant design also translates into ease of operation. The process is designed with key active control points, which enable it to operate in a stand-alone mode with minimal operator input and control.


Operation and Maintenance: Chester LNG will operate and provide maintenance for all of our Targeted LNG Applications under a fee agreement.